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Jan 28, 2010 4:00am EST
bring, rather, the war in afghanistan to an end. afghanistan's president, hamid karzai is speaking now, as we can see, shortly following the speech by gordon brown. gordon brown has spoken. we are there, cnbc has sent anna edwards down. we'll be bringing you more updates on that throughout the day here on the channel. do stay with us for more on that, too. let's get back to the equity markets, though. a bit of a roundup on what's going on around the globe. starting out here in the uk, the ftse 100 is higher by 0.9%. pretty steady at these levels. lots of stocks gaining today, obviously, after some fairly steep declines, to be honest. i was just checking. if you look back to the highs of the year so far, that fell on january the 11th. since then, the ftse 100 has fallen some 5.8%. it has been a tough time for the ftse, maybe some bargain hunting, if you like. a couple of sectors are dominating the gainers. banks, barclay's issuing higher along with lloyd's. xstrata, eurasian and kazakhmy's falls in that group, as well. let's go out to germany with patricia. >> finally, we have a positiv
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1